Denesha “Dene” Roseburr-Oluto

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Denesha “Dene” Roseburr-Oluto

Inclusion Leadership Program, Division of Institutional Diversity, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

As the coordinator of the Inclusion Leadership Program at Oklahoma State University, Dene Roseburr-Oluto has been recognized for her mentorship to both college and high school students. The Inclusion Leadership Program matches sophomore ILP College Scholars with teams of high school students, helping to guide students through the college selection process and providing leadership skills.

“Dene not only encourages college sophomores, but she also encourages high school juniors and seniors,” said Jovette Dew, assistant vice president and director of Diversity Academic Support and TRIO Department at OSU. “This rich experience often occurs when students are riding back home to Oklahoma City in the van with Dene. The high school students have an adult they can have unofficial counseling sessions with for the one-hour ride home. They can ask all the admission questions their heart desires because Dene is open to talking with them.”

Dew praised Roseburr-Oluto for also being a caring mentor to college sophomores involved in the program. “She spends hours visiting with them about becoming their best self. From their academic performance to professionalism and ‘adulting,’ Dene is there to listen to their concerns. These are her kids,” Dew said.

Roseburr-Oluto is a two-time graduate of OSU, earning her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management and her MBA with an emphasis in marketing. She worked as an area manager for and later served as an admissions counselor for OSU before joining the university’s Division of Institutional Diversity.

“Miss Dene never fails to put her students first, making herself available any time for personal, financial or academic troubles a student may have,” said mentee Risi Karim, an OSU sophomore. “She has been a strong influence on my life, pushing me to strive and reach for better. Whenever I have thought less of myself or am ready to give up on a new experience, she is there to remind me of the strength I have within myself.”

About the Program: The Inclusion Leadership Program is a year-long program designed to equip participating students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective leaders in a more diversely inclusive society. The mission of the program is to provide a supportive environment through mentoring and programming to enrich students’ lives. ILP college scholars share their understanding of leadership with teams from select high schools within the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Stillwater areas. They facilitate the development of leaders amongst high school students while guiding them through the college selection process.