Deny Oesterling

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Deny Oesterling

Exploring, Boy Scouts of America, Norman Police Department

Since he was 10, Deny Oesterling has been interested in law enforcement. When he was 14, he joined the Sioux Falls, S.D., Police Department Exploring Program. Exploring is a career-based mentorship program sponsored by Boy Scouts for men and women ages 14 to 21.

Oesterling stayed in the Exploring program until he was 18, joining the U.S. Air Force to perform Airborne Surveillance onboard AWACS. He was then transferred to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. He immediately discovered the Norman Police Department Exploring Post 2009. He joined the program as a youth until he was 21. When he got out of the Air Force, he was hired at Norman Police Department and once he finished the police academy, he became the Norman Police Department Exploring Post adviser.

“For the past nine years, Deny has increased the number of youth in the program,” said Kassie Wrobel, Exploring Executive for the Last Frontier Council, Boy Scouts of America. “He trained the Explorers in law enforcement, wrote the Norman Law Enforcement Exploring Operations manual, implemented the ride along program and developed youth chain of command leadership positions. He also coordinated all Exploring events, led youth in both state and regional Exploring Law Enforcement competitions, has written youth professional letters of recommendation, provided mentor based advice, and donated an abundance of his personal money and time to the youth and to Exploring.

About the Program: A program of Boy Scouts, Exploring is a career-based mentorship program for men and women ages 14 to 21. The purpose of the program is to provide real-world, hands-on experience and develop other critical skills necessary for success in college and/or career, including leadership, character development, social and professional networking, and community service.