Diana Laing

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Diana Laing

Spears School of Business Mentoring Program, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Los Angeles business woman Diana Laing was selected as Mentor of the Year for the Spears School of Business Mentoring Program for her leadership that has helped triple the program in size, as well as for her ongoing commitment to mentoring students. Her current mentee is Andy Brophy.

Laing has served as the chief financial officer of several corporations, most recently American Homes 4 Rent. Now retired, she currently serves on the Board of Directors of Spirit Realty Capital. Mentees have used these words to describe their mentoring relationship with Laing: supportive, valuable, encouraging, kind and caring.

Laing, an OSU accounting alumna who lives in California but travels to OSU as often as possible, was praised for her efforts to involve fellow alumni in the mentoring program.

“Each semester, we host a dinner on campus, and Diana makes it a priority to travel to Stillwater when possible to attend,” says Lindsey Wallace, OSU assistant director of external relations. “At the event, she gets to spend time with her current mentee, and often times former mentees, while making herself available to network with other students, too.”

About the Program: The Spears School of Business Mentoring Program at OSU provides protégés access to experienced mentors who can contribute to their professional and personal development. The program provides a platform for protégés to realize their potential by enabling professional relationships with mentors, who act as role models and provide guidance to them. It offers opportunities to develop business contacts, access industry information and gain valuable insights from experienced and successful professionals.