Doyle Somers

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Oklahoma Mentor Day

Doyle Somers

Positive Tomorrows, Oklahoma City

Doyle Somers, a logistics manager for General Atomics in Oklahoma City, has been a mentor for four years for Positive Tomorrows, Oklahoma’s only elementary school for homeless children.

Somers is currently matched to 10-year-old Brandon, whom he describes as “an energetic young man who’s as smart as can be.”  Somers said his number-one goal is to help his mentee with school work and his second goal is to be a friend and positive role model. Through the process, he believes Brandon has gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of school work and education.

“Each student brings a whole new personality, and it warms my heart to learn what makes them tick and to learn how I can help them navigate in the world in which we live,” Somers said of his mentees.

Somers said his own mentors were Boy Scout leaders, “Doc” Hayhurst and Wally Johnston, who spent countless hours to help direct and teach Somers and countless others life lessons that still make an impact today.               

“Mentoring the young people at Positive Tomorrows has given me the opportunity to pay back and pay forward things that were provided to me,” Somers said. “If what I do can help these young people even one small bit and help to make their lives better, then the time expended will be worth it one hundred times over.”

Somers is grateful to the person who introduced him to Positive Tomorrows and gave him the opportunity to get involved – his son, Daniel.

About the Program: At Positive Tomorrows, tutors/mentors meet one hour each week for the entire school year. Each volunteer is paired with one student and helps him or her with math, reading and other homework each week. Mentors also provide an opportunity for students to interact one-on-one with an adult and to develop the social and relationship-building skills homeless children tend to miss out on.