Emily Michalak

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Emily Michalak

Women Inspiring Successful Engineers (WISE), College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Emily Michalak, an OSU junior chemical engineering major from Yukon, has mentored freshman student Sarah Casey for a year.

Selected as the WISE program’s Outstanding Mentor of the Year, Michalak was cited for the example she provides to both other mentors within the organization and her mentee, says Lance Millis, CEAT Student Services director.

Casey describes Michalak as a very supportive mentor who “would always ask me how I was doing, how my classes were going, if I needed any help with anyting going on in my life,” adding she also appreciated being able to ask her mentor questions about classes she was taking at the time and about what classes and professors she should take in the future.

“Emily was a great influence because she was very supportive,” Casey says. “It was extremely encouraging to know someone who had taken the same classes I was in and could tell about how they got through the difficult patches. Emily was willing to hear me complain about what I was struggling in and would then just encourage me to do great.”

Millis adds that Michalak really cared about being involved in the WISE organization. “She was very active and dependable. Even when attendance was dropping later in the semesters at the meetings, you could always expect her at every meeting.”

About the Program: Women Inspiring Successful Engineers matches upperclasswomen in OSU’s College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology with incoming freshman women to provide academic and social support.