Garet Edwards

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
2013 Mentors

Garet Edwards

Mission Mentors, Fairview
Koby and Clint Swanson
Two-year match

“Garet Edwards began his mentoring journey when Mission Mentors was first established in 2010. Without hesitation, he jumped on board and has been one of their most dedicated mentors.

"Originally, he was matched with Clint Swanson. Clint comes from a very loving home; however, he lost his father due to a tragic accident when he was very young. He has three siblings, so one-on-one attention was hard to find. Together, he and Garet embarked on several new adventures including fishing, hunting, tending to cattle and exploring the countryside! They have developed a close personal relationship.

"During the second year of the mentoring program, Clint’s brother Koby became somewhat jealous, so Garet ‘adopted’ him as well. Now, all three of them are seen at most of the events throughout the community. Garet was chosen as our Mentor of the Year because he has easily surpassed the program requirement of one hour a week.

"Garet and his wife, Kaci, have a five-month-old baby named Kate, who is growing up to share the love of the Swanson boys as well!”

Randi Lackey
Match Support Specialist
Mission Mentors

Randi Lackey, match support specialist; Brandy Swanson, mother of Clint and Koby; Clint Swanson, mentee; Garet Edwards, Mentor of the Year; Koby Swanson, mentee; and Kaci Edwards, Garet’s wife