Greg Webb

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Greg Webb

Jerry Holmes Engineering Leadership Program, OU Gallogly College of Engineering

Greg Webb, an enterprise architecture engineer for Williams Co. in Tulsa, has been selected as the outstanding mentor for OU’s Jerry Holmes Engineering Leadership Program.

The program, formerly known as the Industrial and Systems Engineering Leadership Program, provides undergraduate and graduate engineering students with professional and leadership development through mentoring, workshops, curriculum and networking with practicing engineers.

A member of the advisory board for the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Greg has been a stalwart supporter of its programs for many years and has mentored three students since 2012, said program director Kim Graves Wolfinbarger.  “His exemplary mentorship and attitude of servant leadership inspired us to select Greg as our outstanding mentor,” she said.

Greg’s current protégé, OU senior Brennan Avery, said he has been privileged to have Greg as his mentor for two years. “Greg has always been thoughtful, friendly and has given dependable advice on how to be a better engineer, leader and mentor to others,” Brennan said. “Despite his responsibilities and work load, he has been eager to dedicate time during the workweek to mentor others and to provide career and life advice. “

When Brennan was applying for summer internships, Greg took time to review his resume and cover letter to help him stand out to prospective employers.  When Brennan took a project management class in pursuit of a dual engineering-MBA degree, Greg focused their discussions on project planning and management, sharing his own career experiences.

 “Greg put in a lot of time to find material to supplement these talks and helped make it more applicable by opening up a dialogue about his experience leading projects in the workplace,” Brennan said. “I have learned a lot having Greg as my mentor and hope to follow his example of helping young engineers. His actions have always gone beyond what is required of him for the mentorship program, and I believe that this willingness to guide others and to give his time is reflective of his strong character.”

Brennan, who will graduate in May 2016, has held internships at GE Oil & Gas and NORDAM in Tulsa. He is a tutor with the Dean’s Leadership Council and was honored last year as the Outstanding Junior in OU’s School of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Greg’s service to the Leadership Program extends beyond his mentoring relationships, Kim said. When students planned a visit to Tulsa last spring for their annual corporate leadership trip, Greg not only arranged for them to visit Williams Co., but helped them out when plans unexpectedly changed.

“Greg came to our aid when plans to visit another company fell through just one week before the scheduled trip,” said Kim, describing how he offered to contact a friend on the board of another company to see if a visit could be arranged.  Within three hours, Greg had scheduled a visit to the other company, she said. “Greg’s dedication to engineering students and our program turned a disappointment into a success and helped us establish a beneficial relationship with another Tulsa-area firm.”