Hayden Fox

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Hayden Fox

LASSO Center Tutoring, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Hayden Fox, lead tutor in the LASSO Center at OSU, was described as “a true leader who mentors others and develops his team” in his nomination for the organization’s Outstanding Mentor award.

In his role as lead tutor, Hayden, who is a junior working toward a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, directs a team of tutors, ensuring they receive proper training and guidance to perform in an exemplary manner.

 “Hayden stands apart, as he is always open to helping. Even as a busy, pre-med student, Hayden is always there to help other students,” says Susan Malec, LASSO Center coordinator for tutoring services.

“He has a pleasant personality and goes above and beyond by seeking to help those around him,” she adds. “Students gain clearer understanding on their courses from Hayden’s one-on-one tutoring. He is patient and kind to all he interacts with.”

About the Program: The LASSO Center is dedicated to helping all OSU students succeed as they transition into college and throughout their college experience. LASSO's goal is to ensure the academic success of all OSU students by assisting students who are underprepared for the demands of the university experience to become well-prepared students to advance in their studies, and students who are advanced in their studies to achieve academic excellence. LASSO Center staff works to empower students to take an active role in their learning experience by fostering the development of critical thinking, active learning and increased self-awareness through collaborative partnerships with LASSO Tutors, Academic Success Coaches and Supplemental Instruction Leaders.