Jamie Bellah

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Jamie Bellah

Patricia Kain Knaub Center for Student Success, College of Human Sciences, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Can one individual effectively advise and mentor 200 students? Apparently so, according to numerous advisees and mentees of Jamie Bellah, senior academic adviser in the Patricia Kain Knaub Center for Student Success in the College of Human Sciences at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

“Students feel confident about their choice to come to OSU and confident in their chosen major when Jamie Bellah is their adviser,” says Shiretta Ownbey, associate dean for academic programs and services and a professor in the OSU College of Human Sciences. “She is well-versed in providing the right information to each mentee to help them move through their work as students and earn their undergraduate degrees.”

Bellah takes the time to know the students, including their needs and strengths, so she can effectively support them as a mentor. “Jamie mentors numerous students each academic year, and takes a personal approach to their academic, professional and personal success,” Ownbey says, adding that some students have expressed interest in mentoring others in the future because of their positive experiences with Bellah.

Ownbey notes that Bellah also has served as adviser to the Human Sciences Student Council for several years, where she has had a particular influence on Executive Committee members of the Student Council. She also works on Student Council projects as well as on the annual faculty/staff appreciation breakfast.

In her 27 years working in higher education, Ownbey says Bellah ranks among the very best academic advisers and mentors she has met. Students, she adds, pay back Bellah’s kindness, caring attitude and genuine interest in them with invitations outside the university to dinners, graduations, wedding and other events.


About the Program: The Patricia Kain Knaub Center for Student Success at OSU serves the educational roles of articulating the undergraduate academic programs of the College of Human Sciences and accompanying career opportunities to prospective students and their families and delivering a highly engaging first-year experience for freshmen and transfer undergraduates that effectively facilitates transition to the College of Human Sciences.