Jasmine Blue

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Jasmine Blue

Ignition, Eisenhower High School, Lawton

Eisenhower High School senior Jasmine Blue is a lead mentor in Ignition, the school’s peer mentoring program, which helps freshmen acclimate to high school and instills the importance of service.

“I selected Jasmine to represent Ignition as our Outstanding Mentor because she embodies the mission of our organization,” said Michelle Churchwell, program director. “She treats every freshman as though they have value and potential. She forms authentic bonds with every freshman she mentors, and she motivates them not only to be successful but to give to others who are in need of compassion and understanding.”

During her three years as a mentor, Blue has personally mentored more than 50 freshmen, meeting with them weekly to talk, advise, teach, and team build. She has developed meaningful relationships with her mentees and motivated them to set goals along with teaching them the skills to reach those goals. Through the program, Blue also participates in Eisenhower’s Lead2Feed hunger-fighting initiative, which has raised over $100,000 for Lawton’s Salvation Army.

“Jasmine is in her element when she is mentoring freshmen one-on-on with troubles they are having in school or at home,” Churchwell added. “She has an incredibly developed sense of empathy, and she does not judge or belittle her freshmen when they make mistakes. She uses their mistakes as teachable moments to help them avoid the same situation in the future and to help them grow. She is a natural and authentic leader who inspires freshmen to improve in all areas of their lives.”

As a lead mentor, Blue now trains new mentors in leadership and interpersonal skills so that they may have the success she has had with her freshmen. In addition, she helps to write each week’s freshman lesson plan and takes leadership roles in all Lead2Feed fundraisers. Blue said being a mentor has helped her grow and has made her own life more meaningful.

“Mentoring is honestly something that would never have crossed my mind because I used to be a shy person,” she said. “It gave me the self-confidence that I never had. Mentoring gives me joy -- especially to see the ones who had a hard start and now have come so far. Knowing that I achieved my goal of helping a freshman or changing their lives pushes me to continue year after year.”

Madison, a freshman mentee, said Blue has helped her become a better person and has helped her gain confidence in her own writing. “She showed me that with trust you can have great friendships,” Madison said. “Lastly, she has shown me to listen more than speaking because if you don't you may miss out on something important.”

About the Program: Funded through the Lawton Public Schools Foundation and Lawton Community Foundation, Ignition is designed to assist incoming freshmen with acclimation to high school by matching them with peer mentors in 10th through 12th grade. Each month, students explore a topic pertaining to high school life or career preparation like personal responsibility, extracurricular involvement, self-confidence and giving back to the community. Mentors develop the learning exercises and help lead community service projects.