Jennifer Holland

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
2013 Mentors

Jennifer Holland

Jennifer Holland, Mentor of the Year 2013Cameron University,
Student Government Association, Lawton
Cody Gardner
Four-year match

Jennifer Holland, vice president of Student Services at Cameron University, received praise from students and colleagues alike for her leadership and strong mentorship of students. Below are excerpts from some of those recognitions.

“During my four years as a member of the Cameron University Student Government Association, I served as association president the last two years. Throughout those years, I was under the advisement of Vice President Holland. Under her direction, I have learned many characteristics not only for being a leader but also for life in general.

"Vice President Holland is one of those mentors that not only tells students helpful skills to enhance their leadership character but also demonstrates through her actions as an educator. A professional serious person, she shares her big loving heart with each of her students and time to listen and share as needed. She makes amazing strides to make all students feel personally welcomed at Cameron University as well as organizations in which she participates. She also teaches her students the importance of understanding, patience and communication.

"Her passion for her students as well as for the university as a whole is contagious and inspiring. Without Vice President Holland, I would not have grown into the leader and young woman I am today. With her knowledge and guidance, I know that I can make even a small impact in the world with the wonderful abilities she has helped grow and form in me. Jennifer Holland deserves the honor of Mentor of the Year and so much more.”

Cody Gardner
Cameron University, 2008-2012

“Tireless with an unlimited commitment to each student describes Vice President Jennifer Holland. Jennifer is the consummate student affairs professional. She has the professional expertise, the interpersonal skills, integrity and the heart for students. I can think of few others who match the life-changing impact that Jennifer has had on countless individual students. In short, Jennifer is an extraordinary professional and person.”

Dr. Cindy Ross
Cameron University

“I can think of no individual more deserving of such recognition. Jennifer Holland is a selfless individual who truly has a servant’s heart. I continually admire her caring and compassionate approach to helping all students, no matter how overwhelming the task may seem. Jennifer has a unique gift for connecting with all students and inspiring them not only to do better but to do their best. The result is often students achieve even more than they ever thought they could. While Jennifer is incredibly humble and would likely never admit it, I know that each day, whether she is aware or not, she changes students' lives by doing things she views as ‘just doing what is right,’ but it is so much more.

"Cameron University is truly blessed to have such an individual in a leadership role at the university, and I am honored to call her my colleague and mostly my friend.”

Jamie Glover
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Cameron University

Jennifer Holland, vice president of student services, Cameron University, Mentor of the Year; Cody Gardner, mentee; Zeak Naifeh, director of campus life
Jennifer Holland, vice president of student services, Cameron University, Mentor of the Year; Cody Gardner, mentee; Zeak Naifeh, director of campus life