Jonah Johnson

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
2013 Mentors

Jonah Johnson

Jonah Johnson, Mentor of the Year 2013Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County
Martin Marquez, 11 years old
Six-month match

"Jonah Johnson has mentored several youth at the Boys & Girls Club for the last six months. Jonah comes to the club nearly everyday to touch base with his mentees."
"In addition, he has assisted other children find mentors at the Boys & Girls Club, which, serves youth 6-18 every day after school and all day during school breaks.

"Jonah really went above and beyond his typical mentor responsibilities this past fall during a photography/camping experience sponsored by the Udall Foundation called Parks In Focus. The program's goal was to get inner-city youth involved in nature though photography. Jonah participated in several of their sessions including a two-night campout experience at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. This was particularly noteworthy in that Jonah had very limited camping experience himself so he, too, was stepping outside his comfort zone in an effort to mentor."

Jane Sutter
President & CEO
Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County

Jonah shared these reflections about his mentee, Martin:

“I have known Martin since he was six years old and have mentored him for a period of a year. Martin, another youth from his school, and I met three times a week for an hour and a half each time. Currently, Martin and I meet twice a week.
"What I can say about Martin is that he is going to be phenomenal at whatever he chooses to pursue. He has grown from being a shy, reserved individual to a confident young man secure in his strengths and abilities. It has been refreshing to see an individual so young and mature for his age. I have learned a lot from him, and I am very grateful I have the privilege to see him grow into the adult version of the remarkable human being he already is."

Jonah Johnson, Mentor of the Year, Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County, and Martin Marquez, mentee
Jonah Johnson, Mentor of the Year, Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County, and Martin Marquez, mentee