Kyle Fronckiewicz

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Kyle Fronckiewicz

JCPenney Leadership Center, Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma, Norman

Kyle Fronckiewicz, a senior majoring in finance and energy management in the Price College of Business at OU, is credited with guiding the largest Peer Trainer group in the history of the JCPenney Leadership Program.

Breea Clark, director of the JCPenney Leadership Center, says that under Fronckiewicz’s direction, their leadership team has developed an intensive training program; as a result, the team has grown and developed personally and professionally.

“The entire organization has been impacted by Kyle’s implementation of new training directives,” says Clark. “Each member has been the beneficiary of Kyle’s devotion to the program.”

Fronckiewicz is an “inspiring leader with a gift for public speaking,” says Clark, adding that he is an excellent role model to the younger associates. He gives them the confidence to know they can be successful and impactful in whatever they do, she adds.

Clark also describes Fronckiewicz as a “very generous and giving individual” who loves helping others and involves himself in many philanthropic opportunities. “His goal is to leave the program stronger than when he found it, and he will have accomplished his goal by the time he leaves OU.”              

About the Program: The JCPenney Leadership Center has several programs focused toward developing organic and natural mentoring relationships. Among them, the Peer Training Program offers a student-designed and led curriculum focused on seven foundational leadership and professional development programs.