Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Colonial American History Education

Many of the activities we have offered at Colonial Day at the Capitol are based on lesson plans and activities that Oklahoma teachers have brought back from the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute.

As you can see from this sample schedule of events, we have organized our day with large group activities in the morning, such as presentations by historical character interpreters and interactive large-group activities. Hands-on breakout sessions for smaller groups have been offered in the afternoon by Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute alumni.

Below are some suggestions and resources for large-group activities:

Bill of Rights Activities – A fun and memorable way to help students learn and memorize the Bill of Rights Amendments. Here’s a script for the Bill of Rights Rap presentation we have done at Colonial Day. Here is a Bill of Rights rap video available to view on YouTube. Other classroom activities can be found online at www.BillofRightsInstitute.org.

Patriot-Loyalist Debate – In this activity, students are assigned roles and participate in a debate over whether to remain loyal to Great Britain or declare independence and establish a new nation. Lesson plans for the Patriot-Loyalist debate are available in the book “Colonial America: A Complete Theme Unit Developed in Cooperation With The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation" by Mary Kay Carson, published by Scholastic in 1999.

A Colonial Trial Play – Another activity from Colonial Williamsburg’s Teacher Institute, this colonial hog trial play is inspired by an actual trial that took place in the Williamsburg courthouse in 1771. The activity introduces students to Virginia’s 18th-century court system. This Colonial Williamsburg lesson plan, “Order in the Court: An Eighteenth Century Trial,” includes primary sources documents and a teachers guide.

Other activities can be found online at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Teacher Resources page at www.history.org/teach.