Lauryn Carver

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Lauryn Carver

Chevron-Phillips Scholar-Mentor Program, School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman

Lauryn Carver, an OU senior in chemical engineering from Choctaw, has been selected as the outstanding mentor for the Chevron-Phillips Scholar-Mentor Program, which is designed to help support and retain OU chemical engineering students during their sophomore year when course content can become very challenging.

Carver has served three semesters with the program, assisting younger students with enrollment, tutoring, resume writing, internships and other aspects of college success. She holds regular tutoring hours and helps students review content prior to tests. During a typical week, she assists as many as 50 students in tutoring sessions.

“Lauryn has been especially conscientious, serving in all aspects of the program,” said Brian Grady, director of the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering. “Her pleasant demeanor accompanied by her passion to help others through guidance has been instrumental to many students and to the program as a whole.”

About the Program: The Chevron Phillips Scholar-Mentor Program is a peer mentoring and tutoring program that matches upperclassmen with sophomore chemical engineering students. Mentors are selected based on leadership, technical and communication skills, as well as faculty recommendations. Mentors provide social, academic and career support to help younger students be successful.