Reverend Leroy Walker

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Oklahoma Mentor Day

Reverend Leroy Walker

Muskogee Public Schools

Rev. Leroy Walker, pastor of Rayfield Baptist Church, has been a volunteer mentor for Muskogee Public Schools for many years. As a minister and community leader, he has built a relationship with his young parishioners and their friends that carries over into his mentoring, said Melony Carey, director of secondary education.

“Because students respect him, they also listen to him, an essential element for effective mentoring.” Carey said. “Each year, he is a speaker at the Muskogee High School Minority Symposium, which challenges young African American men to reach for their best. Through his example, Rev. Walker has touched many lives and helped encourage students to remain in school through to graduation.”

Just last year Walker also started mentoring students at two of Muskogee’s high poverty elementary schools where many challenges face students in their daily lives. Rev. Walker's philosophy was that if he could reach these students earlier, they might experience greater success in school and in life. Rev. Walker's investment in Muskogee Public Schools and students is reflected not only in his service as a minister, but also as chair of the education committee for the City of Muskogee Foundation.

“His involvement as a mentor is a game changer for our schools, students, and community,” Carey added. “One could say he is a mentor not just for kids, but for everyone.”