Lindsey Marsh

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Lindsey Marsh

Student Council Big-Little Program, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Lindsey Marsh, an OSU junior in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Hobart, is truly like a big sister to her mentee, Jennifer Litchfield, an OSU freshman.

The two were matched through the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) Student Council Big-Little Program, which pairs upperclassmen with college freshmen.

“Lindsey helped me transition into my life here at OSU,” Litchfield said. “I did not know very many people when I first arrived on campus, but Lindsey introduced me to so many people, both in and out of Student Council. Lindsey herself is one of my best friends. Since we are in the same department, I have the benefit of having a friend who has already been through everything I am currently going through.”

Litchfield said one of her favorite activities with Marsh is eating out – frequently. “On the flip side, we also work out together when we can and … often attend the same 6 a.m. spin class.” Litchfield said they also share common goals and interests.

“Lindsey has a huge heart,” Litchfield added. “She cares very deeply about the people in her life. I appreciate that I can count on her to be there whenever I need her.”

Lance Millis, the college’s director of Student Academic Services, said Marsh has made an enormous impact on the CEAT Student Council. During her freshman year, she was the coordinator of J-Day, an event for high school juniors visiting the college. She ran the CEAT Career Fair her sophomore year, and currently she serves as the vice president of finance for the organization.

“Lindsey is an incredibly valuable member,” he said. “She volunteers as much as she can, and her passion for Student Council is evidenced by the quality work she does as the Finance VP.”

About the Program: Student Council Big-Little Program matches selected upperclassmen and women as "Bigs’"to the CEAT Freshman Council "Littles." Bigs mentor freshmen particularly in the area of leadership both on campus and within CEAT.  They also help connect the freshmen to the student organizations within the college.