Lois Bryan

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Lois Bryan

All-Stars Tutoring Program, On the Rock Ministries, Bartlesville

All-Stars Tutoring is recognizing Lois Bryan of Bartlesville for her longtime commitment to her mentees and for her selfless service to the program and her community.

Bryan served three years as a mentor and tutor to Raven, now a sixth-grader, working one-on-one in the On the Rock Ministries computer lab. Raven had excelled in school, but had a hard time making friends and feeling accepted, said Program Director Sandy Dossett.

“Raven’s eyes light up when she sees Lois,” Dossett said. “You can tell she trusts her and appreciates all that Lois has invested in her through time and opportunities.”

Not only has Bryan been a faithful tutoring partner, but she encourages Raven to try new experiences. She worked with Raven’s family to provide a camp experience for Raven the last two years. She also urged Raven to attend a weeklong horse camp and personally volunteered at the camp to help Raven feel comfortable in the new setting.

“Through the years, I’ve observed Raven grow in her social skills and her self-confidence,” Dossett said, noting that Raven aged out of the tutoring program at the end of fifth grade. “Raven is entering her middle school years with a much stronger sense of well-being.”

Bryan continues to stay connected with Raven’s family and has recently started mentoring Raven’s younger sister, Connie. Bryan has a healthy, supportive relationship with the girls’ mother and helps model good parenting choices.

Bryan serves on the board of On the Rock Ministries and is always on the lookout for children and families who can benefit from its tutoring, mentoring and activities. She also mentors women who are incarcerated, providing hope and encouragement.

“Lois is the kind of person that is on mission 24/7,” Dossett said. “No matter where Lois goes, she is looking for a person in need, recognizes the need, and tries to find resources to fill the need. Whether she is in a restaurant, visiting the women’s jail, working with young people, or just visiting friends, she acknowledges their pain and helps find solutions.”

About the Program
: On the Rock Ministries’ All-Star Tutoring Program pairs adult and high school volunteers each week with mentees in third through eighth grade. They spend time working on lessons one-on-one in a computer lab. Mentors/tutors are also encouraged to help students set academic and personal goals. Students receive Rock Bucks for attendance of each session, which they can trade in for cool prizes, and blue ribbons are awarded to students who receive 90 percent or higher on tests.