Lynn Nutsch

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day


Lynn Nutsch (center), a volunteer with United Way of Enid’s Coach-a-Kid program,  receives an Outstanding Mentor Award from Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence President Craig Story (right) and foundation trustee and mentoring advocate Molly Boren (second from right.) Joining in the presentation are Mentor Day keynote speaker and author Alton Carter (left) and mentees Braxton Haws (second from left) and Andrew Helms. Oklahoma Mentor Day, sponsored by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and its David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative, honors outstanding Oklahoma youth mentors and promotes the value of mentoring. (Photo by Travis Caperton)

Lynn Nutsch

Coach-A-Kid Enid
United Way of Enid

Coach-A-Kid Enid has selected Lynn Nutsch, a retired petroleum productions supervisor at ConocoPhillips, as its outstanding mentor for Oklahoma Mentor Day.

“Lynn is the only mentor, so far, to take on two mentees,” said Carla Burdick, program coordinator.

He mentors Braxton, a fifth-grader and Andrew, a third-grader at two elementary schools in Enid. With both of his mentees, Lynn focuses on improving academic achievement, especially reading and math, self-esteem, self-motivation, self-determination and encouraging future education.

When Braxton, Lynn’s first mentee, was too old to attend Coach-A-Kid Enid’s summer school program, Lynn started mentoring Andrew over the summer. Lynn continued to mentor Andrew into the next school year. Carla said that both Braxton and Andrew were excited to be reunited with Lynn.

During Lynn’s 30 minute sit-down sessions with his mentees, he talks with them and encourages them to discuss educational concerns they may have. He also tries to form a positive relationship and a strong bond with both boys.

“During their talks, Mr. Nutsch discovered that Andrew’s bike had been stolen,” Burdick said. “His heart ached for Andrew, so he jumped into action. The United Way of Enid and Northwest Oklahoma was able to provide Andrew and his twin sister with new bicycles during their Day of Kindness.”

Burdick adds, “Mr. Nutsch has put his mentee’s needs first and foremost in their mentoring situation and his goal has been focused on what is best for his students."

Coach-A-Kid Enid Mentoring Program is a new partnership between the United Way of Enid and Northwest Oklahoma, Enid Public Schools and the Enid Metro Commission. The program’s mission is to improve students’ academic achievement with a focus on reading and math, to build self-esteem, establish positive relationships and to help children overcome negative behaviors.