Pastor Marlon Coleman

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Pastor Marlon Coleman

Muskogee Public Schools

Marlon Coleman, pastor of Antioch Church in Muskogee, has served as a mentor in the Muskogee Public Schools for three years.

Melony Carey, former director of secondary education for Muskogee Public Schools and a current board member of the Education Foundation of Muskogee, states that Coleman has been a positive influence in the community in several different capacities, including as a member of the City Council, as pastor at Antioch Church and as a mentor in the school system.

As a mentor at Muskogee High and in his church, she says, Coleman serves “as an inspiration and role model for what can be achieved through determination and hard work. He meets with students during lunch at the high school, where he is well-respected. Yearly, he takes students to conferences, where they can see a broader picture of what is possible in their lives.”

As a pastor and councilman, Carey adds, “he has advocated for our schools, for the power of education, and for our students. He is a courageous champion when it comes to voicing contrary opinions if they are in the best interest of students and their education. He doesn’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to the lives of our students.”

“Rev. Coleman has a rapport with our students from his many interactions with them on campus, at church, at Martin Luther King Center events, and other community activities,” observed Kim Fleak, principal at Muskogee High School. “They know he cares about what happens to them and would go the extra mile for them, which creates trust and respect. He is indispensable for our school.”

Noting that the pastor is a native of New Orleans, Carey says he “stewards the town as if he had lived here his whole life.” Having seen the adverse effects of poverty, inequality and low expectations among young people and their families there, she says, has helped provide Coleman with the tools needed to raise the expectations of the young people he mentors today.