Mason Stuart

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Mason Stuart

Loveworks Leadership Inc., Norman

Mason Stuart, a communications and nonprofit major at the University of Oklahoma, is viewed by the Loveworks leadership team “as consistent and devoted” a leader as anyone who has served the nonprofit.

Daniel Smith, Loveworks Afterschool director, cites Stuart for his “continued devotion to his mentees and the consistent presence that he has played in their lives.”

Stuart has assumed a wide range of roles and has stepped up to meet various needs, adds Smith, noting that Stuart regularly connects with his mentees “over snacks or dinner, while throwing around a football, or in one of our hands-on learning projects.”

Smith says he’s impressed with the “organic nature” in which Stuart formed a special mentee relationship with two youth. “Neither Jeremiah nor Hayden were necessarily a part of a group Mason leads, but both connected with him naturally,” he observes.

“I love seeing these guys joke and laugh,” he adds. “They share so much joy!”

Noting the special bond that has formed among this trio, Smith notes that Stuart was asked to attend Hayden’s baptism. “It was so much fun to have Mason and Hayden come in, both glowing and sharing” about the experience, he said. “I love seeing mentors be part of special moments like that.”

About the Program: Loveworks Leadership Inc. is a nonprofit committed to helping middle school students discover their potential and live into their dreams. Since its inception in 2011, it has reached over 10,000 students, ages 11-14, from a wide range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Programs are designed to empower the creativity, resourcefulness and potential within each student to develop their character, academic and leadership abilities to ensure future success. Hundreds of volunteers and community professionals help facilitate initiatives that include experiential leadership projects, community outreach, personal character development, career components and mentorship.