McKenzie Wilson

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McKenzie Wilson

Students As Mentors (SAM), Catoosa High School

McKenzie Wilson, who mentors more than a dozen students at Catoosa High School, was selected as the school’s Outstanding Mentor of the Year.

Through the Students as Mentors (SAM) program, a teacher or other school staff member selects a student from each class to serve as class mentor. McKenzie, who holds a job outside school as a crew chief for AMC 20, was selected by Bridget Tognazzini, the school’s librarian and college and career representative, to serve as a mentor for the English class taught by Mr. Richards.

As mentor, McKenzie checks on the students weekly and helps the teacher with lessons, planning and more.

“McKenzie is kind and patient. She is in multiple activities in school and balances this accordingly. We are all proud of the work she does for our school,” Tognazzini says.

About the Program: Catoosa High School’s Students as Mentors (SAM) program is focused on peer mentoring. An upperclassman is chosen by each teacher to represent their advisory class called Advocacy. Those students receive training in monthly meetings on how to mentor younger students transitioning to high school. Each mentor has approximately three mentees to assist. Additional responsibilities of mentors are college readiness and school spirit projects.