Michael Sacket

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Michael Sacket

Mission Mentors

Michael Sacket, president and software developer for Gammastream Technologies of Enid, has been named the outstanding mentor for Mission Mentors, which serves students in Fairview Public Schools.

For more than three years, Michael has made an 80-mile round trip each week to spend time with his mentee, Brock, 12. The two of them especially enjoy building things together.

 “We’ve built and launched a rocket, a model catapult, countless tractors and other machines from kits provided in the Mission Mentors activity room,” Michael said. “As we have transitioned to middle school we’ve been going to lunch, shooting basketballs and are getting ready to start weightlifting.”

Brock and his mother, Christy, moved to Fairview in 2012 to start a new life after she left an abusive marriage. Christy said Brock suffers from ADHD, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder and she wanted to get him in the mentoring program as soon as he started school in Fairview. He was matched with Michael in fall 2012 and has benefited tremendously from their relationship, she said.

“Michael has been a constant positive male role model in Brock’s life throughout all the changes and adjustments,” Christy said. “Brock truly looks forward to seeing Michael every week.”

She said they have gone bowling and practiced competitive archery together. Sometimes they drive to Brock’s house to see his competitive livestock projects.

“The time that they spend together has helped boost Brock’s self-esteem,” she said. “Michael has spent countless hours teaching Brock social skills, anger management, manners and academics. As Brock’s mom, I will be forever indebted to Michael for all he has done. He has had a huge impact on Brock!”