Funding Sources

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Colonial American History Education

Funding Sources

Colonial Day events can be held at a very low cost if you find local sponsors to provide space for your event and get local teachers and community volunteers to present sessions, make costumes or provide supplies. The Oklahoma History Center provides a number of Colonial Educational Materials that can be checked out free of charge.

Costs that you might incur for Colonial Day would include fees for guest speakers or historical interpreters, meals, supplies for presentations, costumes, postage, awards, student souvenirs, promotional materials or thank-you gifts. Money-saving tips can be found throughout this Web site.

The Oklahoma Humanities Council provides Opportunity Grants of up to $1,000 for arts and humanities programs. For information, contact David Pettijohn at (405) 235-0280 or email

Your local public school foundation may be able to assist you in sponsoring a portion of your Colonial Day costs.

Contact local civic clubs, such as Lions or Rotary, or historical organizations, such as Colonial Dames or Daughters of the American Revolution, to serve as sponsors or participants in your event.

Ask local banks, businesses and school supporters to serve as sponsors of your event. Some companies may also be willing to make ”in-kind” donations of products and services needed for your Colonial Day.