Invitations and Publicity

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Colonial American History Education

Invitations and Publicity

Below are sample documents that can be used as templates for promoting your own Colonial Day event. Make sure in all your publicity to recognize the sponsors who have helped make your event possible. During Colonial Day at the Capitol, we make large signs for each meeting room and include the list of sponsors on each sign.

After the event, photos of students can be sent to local newspapers for follow-up publicity. Students should have photo releases signed by their parents/guardians before a photo is submitted to the media.

Sample invitation to sponsors, school officials, community leaders

Sample invitation 2

Sample letter to parents

Sample letter with permission slip

Letter seeking parent volunteers

Thank you to parent volunteers

Parent reminder letter day before Colonial Day

Schedule of Events

Sample news release

Sample Program/Schedule

Sample Colonial Day Sign

ABCs of Colonial Day – Students can use this form to help document, alphabetically, the things they saw and did during Colonial Day.

Sample proclamation text – At Colonial Day at the Capitol, the governor signs a proclamation declaring Colonial Day in the State of Oklahoma. Copies are given to participating schools. You can use this text to request a similar proclamation from your local mayor or city council. It’s another way to get community leaders involved in your Colonial Day event.