Outstanding Program Awards for Oklahoma School Foundations

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Outstanding Program Awards for Oklahoma School Foundations

The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence annually presents one or more Outstanding Program Awards to recognize innovative programs sponsored or administered by school foundations in Oklahoma. Trophies and monetary awards of $1,000 each are presented to the winners. 

Recognized programs may include but are not limited to: curriculum enhancement, arts integration, student leadership development, student scholarships, mentoring, professional development for teachers, public relations and fundraising.

Nominations for recognition may come from anyone knowledgeable about the foundation, including its board members. Only one program per foundation may be nominated for recognition. Winning foundations must wait one full year before they are eligible to nominate another program.

The selection of the Outstanding Program Award winners will be based on the following information:

  • Description of program.
  • How does the program engage the community?
  • Objective of program: What are the program’s goals? Be specific with expected outcomes.  
  • Evaluation of program: How has the program been successful? What was accomplished?
  • How does the program encourage academic excellence in the district?


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