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Sample Brochure

What is the ADA City School Foundation?

The ACSF is a third-party, non-profit entity formed to develop supportive community and private sector relationships with the Ada Public School System. Committed to improving community support of our schools, the ACSF acts as a forum for ideas and input form the community concerning the quality of education in ADA and how to maintain educational excellence in our schools.


The primary goal of the ACSF is to be a private partner of the public education system in Ada. The ACSF will secure resources from foundations, corporations and individuals to be distributed to the Ada Schools to support programs for which funds are not available from federal, state and local public sources. These programs will stimulate excellence in and mobilize community support for enhancing the quality of education in the Ada Public School System.

What are the goals of the ACSF?

To enhance academic excellence in the Ada Schools by providing funding not available through public sources.

To better inform the community about the strengths and innovative programs of the public schools.

To build public confidence in the schools.

To encourage community and business involvement in the public schools in a positive and supportive manner.

To obtain financial and nonfinancial resources on behalf of the school system.

How is the funding appropriated to the various schools?

The primary way the funds are disbursed is through our Small Grant Program for Teachers. This program allows grants of up to $1000 to be awarded to teachers for the implementation o innovative ideas in the classroom for which federal school funding is not available. The grant program also provides recognition to teachers for particularly creative endeavors in the classroom. The process increases community interaction with school by involving individuals form the community in the review program.

The Small Grant Program is a unique way to provide additional academic opportunities for our children!

The ACSF Need Your Help!

One of the unique qualities of the ACSF is that it allows people from all sectors to become involved in the support and improvement of the quality of education our children receive.

We believe the quality of life and economic prosperity is dependent upon educational excellence.

Our Children Are Our Future!

How can you help? Simply fill out the attached sponsorship questionnaire and return it along with your tax-deductible contribution! There are 5 primary levels of sponsorship:

FOUNDER - $5,000
GOLD - $2,500
SILVER - $1,000
BRONZE - $500
SPONSOR - $250

Of course, the ACSF appreciates any amount contributed.
The Ada City School Foundation—
Providing Opportunities
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