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Teacher Information Page

FUND FOR TEACHERS awards summer fellowship grants to pre-K through 12th-grade teachers to pursue self-designed professional learning. Teachers decide what they want to learn and where they want to learn it. Their odysseys take them all over the world—as scientists, researchers, artists and agents of change—and they return to their classrooms with new ideas that transform student learning and achievement. 


• Reflect on your teaching: What are your strengths and challenges?

• Think about your students and their needs: What would spark their learning?

• Create your guiding questions: What do you want to learn? What passion inspires you? What need challenges you?

• Think outside the box: How and where is the best place to learn it?

• Research your options: Find experts; talk to your students and their parents; explore destinations.

• Collaborate with peers, school leaders, local organizations and international partners to extend the impact of your learning.

• Make connections: How will you bring your learning back to your classroom, school and community? 


• You are a full-time pre-K through 12th-grade teacher who spends at least 50 percent of your time directly providing instruction to students;

• You are returning to the classroom in the consecutive school year; and

• You have at least three years’ experience as a pre-K through 12th-grade teacher at the end of the school year. 

Individuals may apply for up to $5,000, and teams may apply for up to $10,000


Join our Fund for Teachers Information Session Webinar at  5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 9. To participate in this webinar, you must click here to register. 

Apply online by January 31, 2019, at www.fundforteachers.org

For more information, contact info@fundforteachers.org or 1.800.681.2667.