Premadonna Braddick

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Premadonna Braddick

Young People of the Next Generation, Tulsa

Premadonna Braddick is an example of someone who, with the help of mentors, overcame a less-than-desirable childhood. Born and raised in the foster care system in East Oakland, California, from the ages of 2 to 18, she spent the early years of her life dealing with depression, low self-esteem and a poor self-image.

However, according to YPNG founder Bill Langdon, Braddick was fortuitously surrounded by mentors who helped her overcome these circumstances; additionally, she was inspired by stories of people who grew up in similar circumstances but were able to elevate their lives by obtaining a good education, which in turn, allowed them to build successful careers.

Braddick earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication, with a minor in theatre, from San Jose State University, followed by Master of Arts degrees in marriage/family therapy and Christian counseling from Oral Roberts University. After earning her master’s degree, she and her husband founded Soaring Eagle’s Youth and Family Services, where they work with individuals and families to help the teens build healthy relationships, character, self-awareness and self-esteem, as well as spiritual development. Braddick was awarded the 2018 Pinnacle Woman of the Year Award from the YWCA and the Tulsa Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women.

Braddick’s current mentors are Jamya, Delashay, J’Naya and Greonna, all of whom, with their mentor’s help, are making good grades and plan on attending college. Delashay attended Harvard’s Pre-College Summer School Program for high school students in 2019 and wants to attend an Ivy League school.

In addition to working with these four young women, Braddick holds monthly programs for larger groups of children and an annual Girls Teen Summit. She is collaborating with others at the Young People of the Next Generation to expand its group of successful men and women who grew up in North Tulsa so that the organization can mentor more individuals and help them attain their educational and personal life goals.

About the Program: Young People of the Next Generation uses modern technology to connect young people with mentors who will motivate them to build a record of achievement in high school and get additional education and training. YPNG mentors also help students make good career choices by exposing them to a wide variety of career opportunities and the realities of working in these careers and by showing them how to create a plan to reach their career goals.