Promotional Ideas

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence

Promotional Ideas

Mentoring groups, colleges, service organizations, schools, civic clubs and others can promote the challenge and recruit new mentors, even if they are in remote areas of the state. Current mentors can help, too!

Social media ideas:

  • Send emails and share Facebook posts about to encourage great people you know—friends, coworkers and family—to become mentors.
  • Repost or forward social media about the Team Oklahoma and the Coaches Mentoring Challenge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Use our Hashtag – #okcoacheschallenge – when posting information or captioned photos during the Coaches Mentoring Challenge.
  • Share photos with captions from mentor recruiting efforts and events with the Boren Mentoring Initiative, We would also appreciate mentoring quotes and or stories with captioned photos.

“Analog” Efforts:

  • Set up a mentor recruitment table at a home game or at community events.

  • Display Coaches Challenge posters in the school, on campus and around town.
  • Issue a local press release with a quote from local coaches or your local mentoring program director. Write a letter to the editor promoting the Coaches Mentoring Challenge.
  • Host a competition to see who in your area, business, church or organization can recruit the most qualified mentors.
  • Ask people to share their mentoring stories or quotes through news media, social media or by speaking at public events.
  • Encourage athletes, faculty, staff, parents and fans to sign up to become mentors.
  • Have your local mayor issue a proclamation honoring participating coaches or mentoring programs in the Oklahoma Coaches Mentoring Challenge (Proclamations are read and issued at city council meetings—important audience. Recruit before or after the meeting! Take photos.)
  • Write a letter to local businesses asking them to mentor and/or create their own mentoring program. (In Oklahoma City, businesses even partner together to mentor.)
  • At your recruiting efforts in local communities and college towns, face paint, have sign-making materials there (tempera paint, sponges, butcher or craft paper) to make signs, etc.
  • And more! Feel free to get creative! Share your innovative ideas with us.

Ask all of your area's coaches—not just football— to:

  • Recognize a mentor-mentee match at a game, either at the beginning or at half time. Give them on-field recognition along with a PSA over the loudspeaker. (See PSA templates.)
  • Donate free game tickets for the honored mentor and mentee and/or a free concession item.
  • Give free small ads or articles on the Oklahoma Coaches Mentoring Challenge in athletic or civic programs.
  • Donate free tickets to give away as a drawing item for all who sign up as mentors over a specific time period—or at each game.
  • Invite mentors and mentees to meet the team and get photos/autographs.
  • Have players post to social media about mentoring or the Oklahoma Coaches Mentoring Challenge.