Rodney Daniels Jr.

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Rodney Daniels Jr.

Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City

Rodney Daniels Jr. has been an outstanding mentor since 2012 with the Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County. A psychology graduate of Mid America Christian University, Daniels also joined the program staff three years ago as an AmeriCorps Member.

“We are privileged to officially honor him as our mentor of the year,” said LaRissa Conn, volunteer coordinator. “Rodney has mentored hundreds of students in both group and individual settings. A talented athlete and a bright young entrepreneur, Rodney Daniels Jr.’s varied interests have been a catalyst for the young people with whom he works to reach further than their current circumstance might seem to allow.  His consistent commitment to persevere through whatever life’s obstacles may be has inspired not only his students, but anyone who has the privilege to call him friend.”

Among his mentees is 16-year-old Ahmad, who recalls being drawn together six years ago through their shared love for basketball.

“He helps me with things that I don’t understand … and I help him to stay focused on his fashion blog, TheHandsomeGuyde,” said Ahmad, with a smile, beaming at the mention of Daniels’ passion project, a rare voice of fashion and industry to Oklahoma City found at 

Ahmad’s pride for Rodney shines through at such a high wattage, you’d think HE is the mentor, and Rodney is HIS mentee. 

“We have such a great and unbreakable bond,” Ahmad said. “He has become a big brother to me, and I’m his little brother. He will always have me, and I will always have him.”

About the program: The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County offers tutoring, mentoring, recreational activities and more to children ages 6-18. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.