Ron Stidham

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Ron Stidham

The Mentoring Project, Oklahoma City

Ron Stidham, an electronics engineer at Tinker Air Force Base, was introduced to The Mentoring Project in 2015 through a staff member at Life.Church Northwest.  He was identified as a leader with strong character to begin a mentoring initiative at the Life.Church Northwest campus.

He and his group used The Mentoring Project’s Group Toolkit to recruit, train and match adults and children in their program.

“Ron has been a consistent presence not only for his mentee, Cameron, but for the entire program he oversees,” said Bruce Doane, site coordinator for the program. “It’s apparent he cares deeply for his group, and he is always intentional in providing experiences for learning, fun and connection.”

Stidham and Cameron, 13, a student at Cooper Middle School, meet regularly one-on-one, both on program nights and outside those experiences. One of Stidham’s fondest memories was when he had the opportunity to baptize Cameron on Valentine’s Day three years ago. “It was one of my proudest moments, not only as a mentor but as a person,” he said.

Stidham described Cameron as somewhat reserved, but precocious and observant.

“He's comfortable in his own skin, so he doesn't feel the need to interject all the time,” Stidham said. “Seeing him grow more comfortable in speaking out and taking charge among other kids has been fun to witness.”

Doane described Stidham as one of The Mentoring Project’s most caring, dependable and fun mentors in Oklahoma. “We love how he is investing in his community and his mentee, Cameron. We are happy to celebrate him on Oklahoma Mentor Day!”

About the Program: The Mentoring Project is a faith-based nonprofit that trains mentors to connect with at-risk youth. Through dynamic mentor trainings, national mentor recruitment and the creation of sustainable mentoring communities, the Mentoring Project is changing the next generation.