Susan Sampson and Cathy Shockley

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Susan Sampson and Cathy Shockley

Britton Christian Church Learning Center, Oklahoma City

Britton Christian Church is recognizing two exceptional mentors who serve in the church Learning Center program, Susan Sampson and Cathy Shockley of Oklahoma City.

Sampson, who is self-employed, began volunteering for the program in August. She was recognized for being a consistent volunteer who shows up faithfully for each mentoring session and shows Christ’s love to all students in the program. She gets on the floor to read with kids and loves to listen to their stories.
“Susan is good at meeting students where they are,” said Tre Clark, Community and Education pastor. “The kids love her because she respects and values them as individuals.”

Shockley not only mentors children in the program, but also serves as the cook for Britton Christian Church’s children’s and youth ministry. Clark describes her as his “right hand” helper for the program.

“Cathy has been such an incredible blessing to us all,” he said. “She makes it possible for me and others to do our jobs without getting sidetracked.

Shockley ensures that the students get the love and attention they crave as well as the academic improvement they need. She loves seeing the lightbulb come on when kids understand a new concept.

“Cathy and her kiddos get each other,” Clark added. “There is a mutual respect they each share.”           
About the Program: The Britton Christian Church Learning Center is a faith-based after-school tutoring/mentoring ministry serving students in grades one through 12 in Oklahoma City and Edmond. Each child is paired with a tutor/mentor to help build relationships and trust, enabling tutors to better understand and meet the child’s educational needs. The focus of this ministry is to empower kids and communities through education. The program partners with parents to meet their child’s educational needs.