Scott Bauman

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Scott Bauman

Division of Management & Entrepreneurship Board of Advisers Mentoring Program, Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma            

Scott Bauman, the chief operating officer for IMMY, a Norman-based biotech company, has been recognized for his leadership and six-year commitment to the OU Division of Management and Entrepreneurship Board of Advisers Mentoring Program, which matches students with local business executive mentors.

“Scott is the chair of the Board of Advisers and one of the driving forces in our mentoring program,” said Mark Sharfman, director of OU’s Division of Management & Entrepreneurship. “He not only helps run the program, but he has participated actively every year as a mentor.”

Through the program, Bauman meets monthly with a student, either over coffee or at his office. Depending on the interests of the mentee, Bauman has shared books that have been a helpful business resource. Some students have changed their career path because of the insights they gained through mentoring. Bauman has helped students make connections with business leaders in their areas of interest, and sometimes he ends up hiring the students after graduation. Two of his former mentees are current employees.

“I think I learn as much from the mentees as they learn from me,” Bauman said. “Part of that is a better understanding of the needs of the current generation. I also love staying connected to the university, especially since this is our main outlet for employment.”

Bauman follows the example of great mentors who have helped pave the way for him professionally, such as Norman optometrist Adam Guirkink, who still meets monthly with Bauman. He hopes he, too, can have a lasting impact.

“My hope is that we continue to stay connected for life, and I am always available to help them in anything they need,” Bauman said.

About the Program: OU’s Division of Management & Entrepreneurship Board of Advisers Mentoring Program is designed to help students make the transition from school to work. Students are paired with local executives to help them develop as professionals and prepare themselves to add value in the work place from day one.