Selina Hill

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day


Selina Hill (second from left), a volunteer with Goodwill Industries’ GoodGuides program, receives an Outstanding Mentor Award from Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence President Craig Story (right) and foundation trustee and mentoring advocate Molly Boren (second from right). Joining in the presentation is Mentor Day keynote speaker and author Alton Carter (left). Oklahoma Mentor Day, sponsored by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and its David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative, honors outstanding Oklahoma youth mentors and promotes the value of mentoring. (Photo by Travis Caperton)

Selina Hill

Goodwill Goodguides, Oklahoma City

Goodwill GoodGuides has named Selina Hill of Oklahoma City as its outstanding mentor for Oklahoma Mentor Day.

Goodwill GoodGuides is a national mentoring program for youth between the ages of 12 and 17 years who are at risk for making harmful choices such as dropping out of school or joining a gang. The goal of the GoodGuides program is to help youth prepare for school completion, post-secondary training and long-term career plans.

Selina was referred by her school counselor to the GoodGuides program as a mentee when she was in the seventh grade. Now she is a positive role model and a peer-mentor to younger mentees.

“Selina was very reserved when she first started, but through her mentor/mentee relationship she began to open up and started to move in a positive direction,” said Tim Proctor, program manager at GoodGuides.

Selina was later approached by program staff with the opportunity to become a peer-mentor, of which she readily accepted.

“Through this new role, she is able to pass on the knowledge she gained from her own mentor to the younger mentees,” Tim added.