Shirley-Luz Enombo

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Shirley-Luz Enombo

Chevron Phillips Scholar Mentor Program

Shirley-Luz Enombo, an OU senior in chemical engineering, has been selected as the outstanding mentor for OU’s Chevron Phillips Scholar-Mentor Program, which selects outstanding upperclassmen to mentor the sophomore chemical engineering students.

Shirley-Luz has served as a program mentor for the last three semesters, said Department Chair Brian Grady. Mentor activities include attending social events, offering enrollment advice, seeking internships and undergraduate research opportunities, tutoring, helping with resumes and even accompanying sophomores to the campus career fair.

“Being a Chevron Phillips Mentor has really allowed me to feel more connected to the chemical engineering department,” Shirley-Luz said. “Part tutor, part mentor; I'm responsible for helping sophomores with their first two chemical engineering courses, and giving any advice that they may need. In addition to helping me hone my teaching skills, it's helped me give back to the department. I've also had the opportunity to represent the college at several high school recruiting/ STEM events, which is something I'm really passionate about.”

Professor Lance Lobban, who worked with Shirley-Luz in his Chemical Engineering sophomore course, said she did an outstanding job, often going the extra mile to help fellow students. She was prompt in responding to all the demands of the 120 students in the course, whether it was tutoring, test grading or final review sessions.

“She is one of the stand-out mentors I worked with and was highly complimented by the sophomore students last fall,” Lobban said.

Madena McGinnis, undergraduate programs coordinator for OU Chemical Engineering, said Shirley-Luz is a wonderful mentor, student and individual who deserves recognition. “I’ve known her for three years, and she always volunteered above and beyond my requests with a smile.”