Stanley Hupfeld

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Stanley Hupfeld

Integris Positive Directions Mentoring Program, INTEGRIS Health, Oklahoma City

Stanley Hupfeld, the former president and CEO of INTEGRIS Health, is receiving the Oklahoma Mentoring Trailblazer Award in recognition of his pioneering work as the founder of INTEGRIS Positive Directions Mentoring Program and his personal 26-year commitment to mentoring a child an hour each week.

“Stanley F. Hupfeld is a trailblazer in the area of school/business partnerships, community outreach and mentoring programs,” said Tobi Campbell, program director. “Positive Directions has connected thousands of students across our community with caring adults from the business community, and has fostered the development of other mentoring programs across the country.”

To fulfill its mission of improving the health of the communities it serves, Hupfeld believed INTEGRIS must go outside the walls of their hospitals. He founded the Positive Directions Mentoring Program in 1992, initially to provide male role models to underserved African American males. The program soon grew and expanded to include caring community volunteers from all walks of life, in many Oklahoma communities, averaging over 300 mentors each year.

In addition to developing partnerships with other organizations to recruit and provide volunteer mentors for deserving students, Hupfeld led his own organization to adopt a giving-back philosophy and culture which encourages and allows its employees to mentor one hour each week during the workday, on the clock.

“This significant investment of time and resources has been a gift not only to thousands of young Oklahoma public school students, but to the INTEGRIS employees and partners who have been enriched by serving in the Positive Directions program,” Campbell said. “Longtime relationships have been built and countless young people's lives have been changed as a result of Mr. Hupfeld's caring, vision and resolve to make a difference for Oklahoma's youth.”

Hupfeld has led by example, personally committing for the past 26 years to mentor a child an hour a week at Stanley Hupfeld Academy/Western Village. He encourages them and teaches them to problem solve, both in their academic endeavors and in their lives. In addition, he teaches each mentee to play chess. Currently, Hupfeld is matched to Mack, a fifth-grader described as “a lively, high energy, personable young man with a lot of personality.”

“When Mr. Hupfeld visits, Mack lights up and is 100 percent attentive,” Campbell said. “Without exception, his mentees have adored him and swell with pride as they walk down the hall with him.”

About the Program: INTEGRIS Health began the Positive Directions Mentoring Program in 1992 as a business/school partnership that encourages volunteers to mentor one hour each week at targeted elementary schools. The objectives of the program are to build self-esteem, establish positive relationships, help children overcome negative behaviors, and to improve the student’s classroom participation.