Tammi Goodall

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
2013 Mentors

Tammi Goodall

Tammi GoodallB.I.S.O.N. Mentors (Believe In Some One Now), Leedey Public Schools
Faith Touchstone, first grader
One-year match

“Tammi Goodall is the epitome of what we want our B.I.S.O.N. mentors to be.

"First, she is ALWAYS smiling when her mentee Faith comes to see her. She has many fun projects for Faith to do with her but only after they work on homework, which consists mostly of studying for Faith’s weekly spelling test.
Next, she has stressed to Faith the importance of an ‘attitude of gratitude’ as well as to give and share with others. They have made cookies for her classmates, gifts for her family, and written thank-you notes.

"But probably the most incredible and special reason that we chose to recognize Tammi is when she was in a dark and bleak emotional hole, due to the sudden death of her precious granddaughter, she volunteered to be a mentor in hopes of finding some peace.

"When Leedey started its mentoring program in fall of 2012, Tammi surprisingly was one of the first to volunteer to be a mentor. She said she just felt as if she needed to mentor—that it might help in the healing process. Every one of our board of directors agreed that we needed to make sure that we matched Tammi with the most special child to insure a positive and successful experience for her. Often we prayed about the choice, and thankfully God revealed to us the perfect match — Faith Ann Touchstone.

"People who don’t know Faith Ann won’t be able to understand why this is just the most perfect match. The cutest and sweetest first grader, Faith has so much love to give and thrives on attention and affection. Her big brown eyes and squeakly lil’ voice just make you want to pick her up and love on her all day. When Tammi found out that Faith Ann was her mentee, she started to cry. Just like Tammi is a shining example for our mentoring program, Faith is like the poster child of our mentees.

"The two of them immediately bonded and have made such a strong connection, magical to see! When Faith comes to the office to see Tammi for their mentoring time, both of their eyes just light up, and they grin from ear to ear. Faith gives ‘Miss Tammi’ the biggest hug, held tightly for a little extra long.

"Tammi revealed to us another surprise shortly after her first couple of mentoring sessions that her granddaughter’s middle name was Fayth. At that moment, we truly knew God had answered our prayers, and He had been hurting with Tammi as well. This was HIS match, and we are just lucky enough to be able to see it and feel it on a weekly basis.

"We chose Tammi Goodall as B.I.S.O.N. mentor of the year because, while recovering from tragedy, Tammi was able to understand the vision of our B.I.S.O.N. mentoring program and volunteered to connect with a child and make a difference. Incredibly generous and heroic to our community, Tammi, deemed a winner by all of us, has definitely won over the heart and love of her mentee Faith Ann Touchstone, while remembering her lost grandbaby MyKenzie Fayth.”

Kris Gore
B.I.S.O.N. Mentor Coordinator
Leedey Public Schools

Front:  Faith Ann Touchstone, mentee
Front: Faith Ann Touchstone, mentee
Back: Kris Gore, mentor coordinator; Tammi Goodall, Mentor of the Year, B.I.S.O.N. Mentors, Leedey Public Schools; and Rusty Puffinbarger, superintendent