Tammie Cline

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Tammie Cline

Beaver Duster Mentoring Program, Beaver

Tammie Cline, senior vice president at the Bank of Beaver City, started mentoring when the Beaver Duster Mentoring Program began four years ago. She and her husband, Kevin, have some experience with young people since they have raised three sons and have eight grandchildren. Mentoring comes naturally but not always easily.

Due to a family need, the Clines took on the task of providing a home for her mentee and her younger brother. Tammie has worked tirelessly to meet their physical and educational needs. As a result, the children have excelled in their education and reading scores.

Although all of the Beaver Duster Mentors are outstanding, Linda Downing, co-founder and director of Beaver Duster Mentoring Program, says “Tammie Cline is the most deserving of being our Mentor of the Year because she has exceeded more than all the other mentors put together.”  

About the program: Beaver Duster Mentoring Program matches community volunteer mentors and high school student peer mentors with elementary students. Among various activities, the mentor-mentee matches play games and do crafts.