Wanda McCall

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
2013 Mentors

Wanda McCall

Wanda McCall, Mentor of the Year 2013Sequoyah Elementary School, Tulsa
Nivia McBride, 10 years old
Two-year match

“Wanda McCall has served Sequoyah Elementary School for many years. She was first with Nivia’s sister and then started with Nivia when her sister moved to middle school.
Not stopping at the school doors, she also works with the girls during breaks and the summer.

"Wanda goes above and beyond…[she is] a joy to have working with our students.”

Dianna Potts
Mentor Coordinator
Sequoyah Elementary

Jerry Buchanan, parent resource coordinator and volunteer coordinator, and Wanda McCall, Mentor of the Year, Sequoyah Elementary School, Tulsa