March 5

Revolutionary Women - Deborah Samson and Elizabeth Thompson

During the American Revolution, not all wanted independence; just as many wanted to remain British.  Meet two women who lived through the Revolution: loyalist spy Elizabeth Thompson and patriot soldier Deborah Samson.  Explore the issues and events that led to the war, learn about women’s contributions to the war effort, and discuss the importance of active citizenship.  

About Darci Tucker
A nationally known playwright, Tucker is an actress and storyteller who portrays more than 20 women from U.S. history.  She is a skilled educator who weaves historical content into unforgettable stories that are relevant today.  “Revolutionary Women” is Tucker’s most popular program, and she performs it in schools and museums all over the country.  A political science graduate from UCLA, Tucker is the founder of American Lives, a company that provides teacher professional development, student programs, storytelling, consulting and online programs in American history.

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Suggested Classroom Activities

A. Women of the Revolution 

Colonial Williamsburg Resource Library:  Women of the Revolution 

Bravery. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Women of the Revolution possessed all of these qualities. Explore the excitement, peril and individual stories of Deborah Samson, Mary Perth, Martha Washington and other women, on both sides of the conflict, who proved their mettle in America’s war for independence.

Direct links to the programs video segments are:
Act 1: 
Act 2: 
Act 3: 

B. Tea with Penelope:  A Two-Point Perspective of the Edenton Tea Party

National Women’s History Museum: Tea with Penelope 

The decisions citizens make about social and political issues are often influenced by what they see, hear and read in the news. Therefore, it is important for them to learn about the techniques used to convey those messages and influence attitudes. In this lesson, students will use a graphic organizer to analyze and evaluate a political cartoon for its meaning, value and persuasive message. 

C. Whom Do I Admire?

Women’s History Month Women of Wonder: Whom Do I Admire? Lesson Prepared by: Teresa Potter, NBCT, Putnam City Public Schools, Okla. 

Who are our real heroes? We learn about superheroes in movies, but who are our super- heroes in everyday life? Students will learn about inspirational women and choose an inspirational woman to write about. Their hero can be someone from history, someone who works to help people today, or someone from their everyday life.