Volunteers for Youth, Claremore
Mentee: Devan
Years Matched: Two

John Lingenfelter is a retired businessman and community volunteer. He and Devan have been matched for two years, meeting weekly.

“John has shown outstanding commitment to his mentee,” shared program director Roxanne Bilby. “Once he became invested in Devan’s life, there was no turning back. John has followed Devan as he transitioned between schools and has advocated for Devan within the school system, to the mentoring program team, and to Devan’s family.”

Lingenfelter and Devan love to do woodworking projects together. Lingenfelter has created and funded these projects entirely on his own. He and Devan decide what Devan would like to build and they make it happen. They worked together to create a special Christmas gift for Devan’s mom.

“What is unique about this match is the lack of common experiences or interests between John and Devan, yet they absolutely love spending time together,” shared Bilby. “Devan appreciates John showing up week after week and believing in him.”

About the Program: Founded in 1998, Volunteers for Youth offers programs to positively impact the lives of youth in Rogers County. Its traditional PAL mentors meet their mentees an hour a week in person.