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Oklahoma School Foundation Impact Survey

We need YOU to help us measure the impact of public school foundations across our state!
Oklahoma has over 200 active school foundations. The impact of these education foundations is often overlooked, in part because it is very hard to collect and share data. The Oklahoma School Foundations Network would like to change that by collecting and publishing impact data each year. We are asking school foundations to take a short survey to share data we can use, along with updated contact information and board leadership information to keep our database up to date. Thanks for taking time to answer these questions so we can count YOUR local foundation and its impact on
education in your area.

National School Foundation Association Announces Education Foundation Guiding Principles

The National School Foundation Association has been working to develop a set of Guiding Principles for education foundations. This newly released guide is designed to help foundations evaluate their current practices and strive for excellence in key areas. The Guiding Principles are available for download now. Take a look at this valuable resource and use it to help your foundation grow and improve.

Foundation for Tulsa Schools Award Presentation

Katy Leffel, director of the Oklahoma School Foundations Network, presents an Outstanding program Award for Oklahoma School Foundations to Shannon O’Doherty, president of the Foundation for Tulsa Schools. The foundation received the $1,000 award on Feb. 19 in recognition of its Novice Teacher Support Program. Read more about this and other 2019 Outstanding Program Award winners.