Fund for Teachers

Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers have the opportunity to pursue self-designed professional learning through a Fund for Teachers fellowship. Teachers decide what they want to learn and where they want to learn it. Their odysseys take them all over the world—as scientists, researchers, artists and agents of change—and they return to their classrooms with new ideas that transform student learning and achievement. 

Please note: Due to the uncertainty around the pandemic, all 2021 fellowship applications will cover learning experiences within the continental United States and Hawaii.

Fund for Teachers encourages applicants to focus on topics and issues most directly facing our nation at this time.


The Fund for Teachers application process opens online at on November 1 and closes at 5 pm January 21, 2021. Award notifications will be announced on March 30,  2021. The application is comprised of a coversheet signed by the applicant’s principal, the proposal, and an itemized budget of the proposed fellowship.


After the application process closes, the applications will go through the selection process. Applications that meet the full requirements as required by Fund for Teachers will go on to a ‘blind’ review process by local selection committees made of professionals, volunteers and Fund for Teachers fellowship alumni. In order to avoid bias or preference, selection committee members do not see demographic or personal information of the teachers associated with the applications.

Fellowships are awarded based on the quality of the application, the adherence to the Fund for Teachers scoring rubric system, and the availability of grant funding. Fellows are notified of their fellowship by email in early April and will be required to attend an orientation shortly thereafter.


-The teacher must be a full-time pre-K through 12th-grade teacher who spends at least 50% of his/her time directly providing instruction to students.

The teacher must be returning to the classroom in the consecutive school year.

-The teacher must have at least three years’ experience as a pre-K through 12th-grade teacher at the end of the current school year.

-School administrators or support staff that do not spend a minimum of 50% of his/her time in direction instruction to students are not eligible.

Individual teachers may apply for up to $5,000, and teacher teams may apply for up to $10,000 in grant funds.

See more eligibility requirements in the Information Session Packet.

Since 2006, the Fund for Teachers program in Oklahoma has provided more than $3.1 million in grant funds to 878 Oklahoma teachers. This program is made possible through bridge funding from national Fund for Teachers and financial support from the Tulsa Community Foundation and the Oklahoma Tribal Alliance.

An Oklahoma Tribal Alliance, which began supporting the program last year, has expanded its support this year to help increase the Oklahoma fellowship funding to its highest level in five years. Additional funding was provided by the Stuart and Temple Foundations of Tulsa.

For more information, contact Fund for Teachers – Oklahoma Program coordinator Sara Wilson at or visit or
call 1-800-681-2667.  

Click here to see details on upcoming information sessions.